Artist Statement

After an extended period in the geometric abstract alone and in the more spontaneuos expressions, I returned to kinetic painting in 2016. It is where I am now and from where there is always a visual adventure awaiting. Kinetic painting fuses classical music and painting. I had thought this since childhood, listening to my brother or my father, both professional musicians, practicing, discussing, performing on their chosen instruments while I drew or painted pictures in my favorite corner.

Kinetic painting marks a new period in art. The static becomes mobile and the flat turns into depht. Movement humanizes geometric abstraction and it reveals the artwork gradually. This time-lapse takes place listening to music, also, uniting music and art. It is possible to see a sound and hear a color. The viewer aesthetic experience is enhanced when the artist uses movement along with line, form, color and texture in the creative process.

Essence, spontaneity, spirit, soul. An instant of infinity, a flash of awareness, a streak of inspiration, a touch of beauty - these are the highs that I live for and that I reach toward with my paintings. A detail or even a blur represents the fleeting character of the moments I wish to prolong.

Olga Dueñas 2018